The work-ethic graduation box

God I love pubs.
Herein are a gist of the ramblings and frustrations between an Irish man and his Kiwi counterpart working with the youth of Perth, Western Australia.

A fantastic work ethic isn’t just ‘acquired’ when you finish your last year of study; you aren’t given a box at graduation containing a respectful work ethic. You, and you alone, are to create, culture and nurture a healthy, honest and respectable work ethic in which your fellow staff will envy and your future employers will beseech for.

Work is your life because work is your passion. If your work isn’t your passion, only a means of getting to your passion, then take it as a necessity and look at it in as positive a light as possible.Your work doesn’t suck because it is getting you to where you want to be. Think about it. It’s necessary and unavoidable if you want to get to where you want to be, for the life you wish to lead.

Don’t distinguish between work and life. It is one in the same and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can release all that negativity you feel every time you think about and are at work.

The above is a mixture of rants and edited information from another wonderful blog.

Sources- Liam Quinn; elite daily. (Edited)

One love.


6 thoughts on “The work-ethic graduation box

  1. Dee says:

    You should write a book. I will purchase the first copy. As long as you autograph it and cut off one of your dreads so I can use it as a bookmark (and also sniff it every night)

  2. Chris Mackie says:

    You’re a wordsmith mr Calder-Scholes. I am appreciative of your blogging effort. Keep up the good work!

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