My first ‘fifty’

After so much content overload on blogs these days I have found a challenge that has only one simple rule: use 50 words only. No more, no less.


Snorkelling, great food, beaches and travels.
Plenty of beer, stumbling babels.

3 Islands down, many faces have met.
Long hot days, is it beer or sweat?

6 pacific days with yoga and rains.
Waterfall exploring, Karl getting gains (titties)

Forward we go with turbulent flow, ourselves in tow nobody knows…

Let me know how I did peoples,
Until the next 50

One love.


One thought on “My first ‘fifty’

  1. dgiangio92 says:

    So bold, so eloquent Nick. Your poetry speaks to me on so many levels– particularly the line about “Karl getting gains (titties)”. Haha hope the travels are going well, man!

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