From time to time you cross upon my weary mind.
The moments we shared small, brief, fair and fine.
Nomadic still the heart, like being awoken from a slumber, opens again.
And someway, somehow you took with you a piece of mine.

You’re busy, you’re frantic and I’m sure you havnt looked back.
Why would you? You have your job, your friends, your man, your pack.
Alas from this distance, of miles and hearts, I can only be sincere.
And dream of you. Imagine your touch and track fingers through hair.

Early sunlight warms us as breeze drifts through tattered curtain.
We lay intertwined, touch on skin relishing the passion we’ve fallen in.
Deep into your eyes time ceases. The past forgotten, the future unwritten.
The smell of skin. Kiss of lips. Touch of hair. Caress of hips

This is what I imagine when I call on a thought to get me through .
Especially when the roads tough and all I have is a memory, a glimpse of you.
I’ve changed, I’ve grown, things I’ve forgotten and passed that I’d wish i known.
I shouldn’t say it, and I’ll never admit it, but a lonely part of me pines for you.

Parece que no puedo olvidarte. una parte de mí no quiere volver a…



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