A desert of you

I lost you,
i lost me.

Through a hatstack I found you,
i found me.
I read and I wrote.
Scribbles upon desk.
I figured it, we were up.
Naivety grows upon the weak.
I grew, met them and hid behind it.

A Newfound path.
Dissection & possession.
I owned you,
I preached you beyond grandeur.

I thought I knew you,
or me.
I had you down,
my niche.
Familiar and blinding.
Foreign plays.

You abandoned me the moment I finally believed I didn’t need you.
Parts of you have returned.
But you’re different;
I’m indifferent.
My closest whisperer, guider, explorer.
Distrust seeps from that gap you left.

I scare now.
I’m alone with you right there.
I crave what I knew.
But pine for something new.

Anxiety and panic riddle the hallway I walk at passing light.
This pleases,
you still get jealous at everything

You are not me.
I am not you.
Yet we coexist on this oneway street.
A desert with no stop signs.

Only in this now,
I can find solace
and pretend you’re not there.


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