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Amor perdido

You took me
I caught you
Be they tempestuous,
feelings still grew
My heart open, your touch benign
Thoughts will creep, whispers of mine
But alas,
you grasped
for old chains
from times passed
Away you pushed
In I pulled
Your veil, at first
had me fooled.
Your beauty won’t hide it,
Your facade won’t last.
So let us move with this passion,
and move with it fast.
I know you are forever gone
But lest I let this moment pass

usted sabe que usted es


One hundred (My second Fifty)

After so much content overload on blogs I have found a challenge that has only one simple rule: use 50 words only. No more, no less.

My second ‘fifty’ of the rip off we encountered after the mushroom wedding on Lombok, Indo.

One hat,
Two fat stacks,
On a three ringed boat trap.
Four hundred,
Down Five drains,
Six or seven might bust our heads
Before we ever get to eight again.
Nine bites of the heaviest might
Tender levy of day with balmy nights
Elevenfold of thoughts about leaving these plights.

One love

I owe the rap vibe of this fifty to the handsome man Steeleo below (his beard is alot bigger now)